Get Fit

with Yasmin & Pooja

21 days to a fitter, healthier you.

Eating right and moving more has never been more important. Pooja and Yasmin will hold your hand in this journey by teaching you the most balance way to eat along with video tutoring you with the simplest forms of exercise that you can do at home so that you can lose some of the unhealthy fat and weight and gain better health, immunity and happiness!

Why is this plan good for you?

Covid_19 does not respect any borders, political standing, income level, race, religion or gender – only one deterrent is your immune system. Through this plan Pooja and Yasmin, will ensure you can protect yourself with the power of food and exercise and teach you how to use your kitchen as your pharmacy. Good eating and fitness habits go a long away to not only build up your immune system today, but also help keep you disease free forever.

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